Multitask Layered eXecution Operating System

What is MLXOS ?

MLXOS is a microkernel operating system, including μ-kernel, user space drivers and utilities.

It is an experience on how to build a runnable kernel, how to write runnable code, how to manage a hobby OS project.

I do not know what MLXOS will be in the future, but TRUST me, this work will be continued in my life.

Why do I write a MLXOS?

2 years before (if I am right), I heard of a kernel named MenuetOS, which is written in assembly for all the source code. I read the source code, found the idea of MenuetOS is very clear and the source code is beautiful.

In the IRC channel of MenuetOS, I met a smart guy whose ID is giszo. Giszo was in high school and not more than 18 year old at that time, but he was (and is) a programming genius. He writes a microkernel OS named GISZOS.

The idea of GISZOS is brand new to me, also the source code is so beautiful (BTW, in now days, GISZOS supports SMP and TCP/IP very well). At that time, the source code of GISZOS was not more than 10,000 lines C and assembly source code. After I discuss with giszo for more than 3 months, I realized I could try to build a microkernel, too.

I will continue to try, try my best to see how better I can do on MLXOS :-)

Designing principle of MLXOS

* Runnable

* Bug free

* Reasonable high performance on IPC

* Clear designing and modularization.

* Working on modern x86 PC hardware.

Download MLXOS

Click here to download source code and binary image of MLXOS.

IRC channel

You are welcome to visit IRC channel #mlxos on I am very happy to discuss with you, and learn new idea from you :-)

Feedback to me please :-)

For any comment and advice, please email me to

Your feedback will be great help to me !

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